Thursday, January 5, 2012

If I Fell Off A Cliff

Because I like to keep my (faithful? occasional? nonexistent?) readers on their toes, today I offer an original poem for your perusal...written five minutes ago.

"If I Fell Off A Cliff"

What would you do
If I fell off a cliff?
Would you offer a hand?
Would you give me a lift?

Would you call 911
Tell them something's amiss
With this guy that you know
Slouching in an abyss?

Would you tell me, "Don't worry!
It could be so much worse.
You could currently be
In the back of a hearse.

"You could be in a jail cell
In some Third World nation
Wasting away in
Appalling starvation!"

What would you do
Should you one day discover
Me, mangled and bleeding –
Would you ever recover?

Or would you pass by
And pretend not to notice?
Or further conceal me
With orchids and lotus?

Another good question
Might be: What would I do
If I saw you there, would I
Help you or hide you?

Like a good neighbor
Would I be right there?
Or walk away quickly
And pretend I don't care?

The latter response
Is apparent insanity
Yet sadly is typical
Of modern humanity...


  1. I am loving your posts! You are a terrific writer. For the record, I can't even remember the names of my own children sometimes.

  2. Thanks, Julie! It's been quite challenging to think of something new and different to write about each day, but so far so good, I reckon.

    Also, for the record, I actually can remember your kids' names (Cole, Claire, Caleb, and Cade), though I sometimes get Caleb and Cade mixed up in my head.