Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: "Start Again"

Okay, yes, so I'm cheating again by not offering original thoughts, and posting stuff I wrote a long time ago. So sue me! It's my blog, and I'll be unoriginal if I want to! This little ditty was from back in my college days, if I remember correctly. The emotions may be a bit outdated for me today, but it flows nicely, I think. Enjoy it if you want to...

"Start Again"

Through with the me I used to be
Tired of losing while others win
Game called love is playing me
Wishing I could start again

Wouldn't it be easier to live
If I didn't care, if I didn't give?
But how can I? Guess I could try
But something's sure to catch my eye

It always does, I can't escape
Suppose that this will be my fate
Trying hard, but choosing bad
Lust for life has made me sad

At least I haven't lost my edge
And I still have my arms and legs
I can wave goodbye and run
Set out for the setting sun

If I fall short of journey's end
I'll raise my head and start again.

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