Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lazy Day: Freestyle Poetry

The best-laid plans of man and wife
To clean the house on Saturday
Fall by the wayside when your life
Decides to go a different way.
"It's just a cold," I tell myself.
"I've had a crazy week!" says she.
The best-laid plans go on the shelf
And all that's left is lethargy.
It could be worse, yes, I suppose
We could be dead or dying.
But it's not half as bad as those
We just got tired of trying
To make something productive
Out of this, our one day off
And so we sit here looking
At the TV, as I cough.
She's reading magazines so she
Can throw them all away
While I am vegetating, feeling
Very guilty about this day.
I guess I shouldn't stress too much
One day out of the year
Of doing nothing isn't such
A big deal, is it now, my dear?
I know I will feel better after
Having had this rest
But right now I feel like I hafta
Justify my laziness.

That's all I've got in me for today. Till tomorrow...

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