Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mad Libs: "Personal Ad" & "The WalMart Difference"

DISCLAIMER:  I only came up with the words in bold, everything else was pre-written and I just filled in the appropriate parts of speech requested of me by the game. Enjoy!


I enjoy long, frigid walks on the beach, getting smacked in the rain and serendipitous encounters with feet. I really like piña coladas mixed with blood, and romantic, candle-lit fingers. I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to Angelina Jolie. I travel frequently, especially to Food Lion, when I am not busy with work. (I am a Gynecologist.) I am looking for pocket watches and beauty in the form of an Icelandic goddess. She should have the physique of Meryl Streep and the socket wrench of Sammie Starr. I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my crutches. I know I’m not very attractive in my picture, but it was taken 34 days ago, and I have since become more frumpy.


Come simmer at WALMART, where you'll receive lousy discounts on all of your favorite brand name blankets. Our amazing and flashing associates are there to undulate you fourteen hours a day. Here you will find sweet prices on the pants you need, chandeliers for the moms, board games for the kids, and all the latest electronics for the Jimmy's. So come on down to your roomy, fabulous WALMART where the books come first.

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