Monday, April 2, 2012

No Blue Monday

It's the first day after the last night of the Easter drama, commonly referred to (by myself and others) as Blue Monday. But for some reason, I'm not feeling very blue.

Sure, I'll miss it – especially the good times and laughs we've all shared these past few months. But I know that most of us will probably work together (and laugh together) again very soon, maybe as early as this fall. So I'm not sad.

I am relieved that everything went well. Not that I was ever that worried – the individuals involved in this year's drama were consummate professionals in whom I had and still have full confidence.

The drama and music presentations combined to clearly portray the message of the Gospel, and I do believe hearts were touched, seeds were planted, and lives were (and will continue to be) changed as a result of it.

That's not because we have an awesome drama team (though we do) or a fantastic choir (though we do). It's not that I'm an amazing drama director ('cuz I'm not) or that we have a terrific music director (though we do).

Everything went as well as it did for one simple reason – God was working His perfect will through imperfect people. And we got out of the way and let Him. Because He's God, and we're not.

So the Easter drama may be over till next year, but the memories will linger much longer.

I'm not sad. Let's just say I'm looking forward. Always looking forward.

To Tim, Meredith, Jamie, Cindy, Erick, Bryce, Kim, Mitch, and Nate: Thanks for everything! I enjoyed every minute of it! ~ J

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