Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: Another Batch Of Alpha Poetry

absence makes the heart grow
exponentially larger than the cavity
which holds it, causing it to burst.
that's why they call it heartbreak.

bald-faced liars shave regularly
to keep up appearances
and so as not to obscure
the extent of their untruths.

cut to the chase
say what you mean
or hold your peace.
beating around the bush
only makes me want
to drag it out of you
and i've never been accused
of being overly gentle.

deep in thought
he comes up for air
and exhales a concept
but he can't prove
whether it's right or wrong.

enough already!
how many times
do we have to
go through this?
stop fighting me
on every detail.
whatever game
you're playing
will end in a draw.

fishing for compliments
he hooked a doozy
and smiled on his good fortune.
but looks can be deceiving
as can complimentary words.

giving a hundred and ten percent
is not only statistically impossible
it's usually a blatant lie.
only heroes care enough
to give of themselves till it hurts
sacrificing comfort and security.
and there aren't nearly as many
heroes out there as they claim.

hold down the fort
as best you can
it's been trying
to levitate
for weeks now
and we're running
out of ropes
to keep it grounded.

i beg to differ
but not too hard
because i do differ
quite naturally
and with aplomb.

just like riding a bike
i keep coming back to you
as natural as if i never left
i never forget the path
to your door. thankfully.

kick up your heels
and do a little jig.
i don't blame you
at all. i'd be happy too
if i'd just found out
i was somebody.

lay it on thick
add as many details
as you can. maybe
they'll believe you
if you seem sincere
enough. maybe not.

make my day
by making tracks
and causing distance
and never returning.
that's the secret
to my lasting happiness.

not my cup of tea
i ordered coffee
black, decaf
and piping hot.
there's a bloke
still waiting
with his crumpets.

older and wiser
but still doesn't care
enough to change.
just goes to show
that you can't judge
a book by its author.

play me for a fool
but don't be surprised
if i start humming along.
i've heard this tune before.

quit while you're ahead
and you'll quickly
get off-schedule.
finish what you started
and you'll never regret
your perseverance.

rest assured
i am right here beside you
i'm not going to abandon you
no matter how much you hurt me.

say what you will
and i will answer you
with whispered words
of absolute assent.

the girl next door
isn't who you think
she is. i saw her
yesterday. her fangs
were out, and her
nose was sniffing
for blood.

unexpected twist
i am the one you didn't see coming.
you thought it would go as scripted
but i don't write like others do.

very real concerns
outweigh petty problems
in the grand scheme
of things left unsaid.
but it all depends
on who you ask.

watch your tongue
for long, and you're likely
to become cross-eyed.
better to hold it instead
and merely soil your fingers.

x factors in everything
weighs the alternatives
and realizes that the best
thing to do is to do nothing
and watch it all fall down
around him. how's that
working out for you, X?

you can run
you can hide
you can even
but i'll find you
and when i do
you're going to wish
you had never been

do not disturb
he's finally gotten to sleep
and he needs as much
as he can get, and any at all
will do. it takes a lot
to make him sleepy.

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