Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: Even More Alpha Poetry

All the money in the world
Will buy you
Everything you want
But don't need
And not an ounce
Of happiness.

Borrowed time
Can never be returned.
It can only be passed on
To someone else in need.
Don't forget that
The next time you're late.

Charmed, I'm sure
To be enchanted.
Dazzle me with
Your eyes
Your smile
Your understanding.
I will lose myself
In the magic.

Dirt-smeared face, bearing scars
What has he endured?
Hard work, or a hard life?
Either way, he has lived
Which is more than can be said
About some people.

Edified by what you said
I held my head up high
And walked away
A gladder man
Than if I never tried.

Friendly exchange
Between strangers.
If you knew
What was said
You'd be surprised
They left as enemies.

Guy down the street
Tells me I should
Stay inside
Lock my doors
And disconnect
From my life.
The end of the world
(As he knows it)
Is near, and he
Doesn't want to be alone
In his paranoia.

Hold it right there!
That's the face we're looking for
Sad, a little hopeless
More than a little vulnerable.
We're hoping to change
Our image.

Is that right?
It sounds like conjecture.
Fitting the pieces together
I'm not certain
That the question
Is answerable at all.
I don't have a clue.

Just what I needed
But ten minutes
Too late.
That's the way
The cookie crumbles.

Keep the dollars
And give me the change.
I'm in no hurry
Time's worth more
Than money.

Low on the totem pole
Working my way
To the top
But stalled by the fact
That I refuse
To compromise
My integrity.

Made out of money
Growing it on trees
Loaded with the green stuff
Sorry, not interested.

No one believes you.
They know that
Every word that comes
Out of your mouth
Is a blatant lie.
You can smile
All you want to
But you're not fooling
Get over yourself.

By constant to-do's
Done in
By one too many
Undone deeds.
How will I ever
Catch up?

Polish off the rest
In one sitting
You know you want it
Insatiable hunger
For more, more, more
You've always had it.
You try and try
But you'll never be full.

Quickly learning
That things aren't always
What they seem. Neither
Are people, and some
Are better than others
At fooling you.

Repeat the process
You've done it all before.
You could do it
With your eyes closed
And one hand tied
Behind your back
If you really had to.
Doubt yourself if you must
But I have every confidence
In your ability.

Summarizing the past
Is easier said than done.
It happened, you were there
You can't change a thing.
You can change what happens
Next, but what happened then
Is over. So just move on.

Tomorrow I'll reflect back
On what happened today
And I'll smile, and maybe
Just maybe shed a tear.
Sad because it's over
But glad because it happened.
For one moment we shined
But we were just reflections.

Under better circumstances
We met, and laughed
And lived, and learned.
But now we know
That only when dreaming
Do things like this ever last.

Violently ill
Bleeding from the inside
The bruises are evident
And yet we pretend
That we're just fine.

Watch what you say
You never know
When your words
Will appear like
Speech balloons
In a comic strip
And everyone will see
What you really mean.

X is tense
He knows
He's being watched.
It's not the first time
But this time
He knows
He has something to hide.

Yes, you're right
I did enjoy myself.
I've never felt
So free before.
I guess that's why
They call it
Letting go.

Zealous fervor
He believes what he says
And says what he believes
He lives by his convictions
And may also die for them.

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