Friday, April 13, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: Fresh Alpha Poetry

 Bet you thought I wasn't going to get a blog post in for today, being that it's rapidly approaching 11:00 pm as I write this. Well, I thought so too. But here it is. Long day, brain is tired. It was all I could do to muster up these brand-new alpha poems. Enjoy, and good night!

as luck would have it
i still have a few
coherent thoughts to share
despite the fact
that my brain is taxed
beyond the usual.
we'll see how this goes.

bite your tongue.
when the bleeding starts
spit it out
(the blood, not your tongue).
who lied and said
that words don't hurt?

chomping at the bit
to tell your dirty secret.
why would you want to rush
to your own judgment?

do a one-eighty
then do one more.
back where you started
you're getting nowhere.

everything but the kitchen sink
has been displaced
and replaced again.
and the sink's going next week.
i'll be glad when this is over.

firing on all cylinders now
my mind, like a steel trap
is racing towards a conclusion.
but jumping prematurely
is just as bad as never moving.

go back to the well
the one you tapped before
seeking new problems to solve.
finding none, you seek questions
to ask which explain the answers.

hates my guts
thinks i'm the scum of the earth
doesn't want to ever see my face
again. what did i do
to get that lucky?

if the shoe fits
and it's the right color
and the right price
and you need it
(or at least you want it)
then what are you waiting for?
(i'm not talking about shoes.)

joined at the hip
they walked in separate directions
and soon parted painfully.
should've seen that one coming.

know where you stand
if you're at the precipice
of a bottomless pit
knowing could save your life.

last ditch effort
i'm only going to ask you once.
go or stay,  come or go
decide and do it
fence-sitting is for losers.

make a long story short
by suspending your belief
in happy endings.
works every time.

no brainer
i am uniquely qualified
to answer this question
defined by what i lack
(or possess, but choose
to use unwisely).

on a soapbox shouting out
my stun-gun manifesto
agree to disagree
and you could get
the shock of your life.

pencil you in for a 10 o'clock
and shrug when you don't show.
i knew i couldn't count
on your cooperation.

quick bucks come easy
but when you get caught
you'll pay through the nose.
don't blow it!

rest on your laurels
as though the past
is guaranteed to repeat
itself, like history.
it doesn't always
work that way.

sick to death
of half-hearted efforts
give it your all
or keep it to yourself.
take it to heart
or leave it alone.

take it from me
i wasn't using it anyway.
it works fine
but i don't need it.
it's all yours.

under the gun
to make something happen
i scrape the edges of my mind
and see what sticks.
small miracle if anything does.

variety is a spice
that tastes like everything
and nothing all at once.
life is what you make of it
or what was planned
in advance. more likely that.

when push comes to shove
someone will rush in
to break up the fight
and you're left standing there
shadowboxing with ghosts.

x marks the spot.
hidden treasures found
where no one even thought
to look. that's what they get
for being narrow-minded.

you had it coming
if anyone ever did.
you got exactly what
 you deserved. and i
couldn't be happier.
just being honest.

zig when you should zag
it's all about looking ahead
and you can't see clearly
with sand in your eyes.

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