Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: Still More Alpha Poetry

No introduction required. You know the drill by this point. I wrote these a few days ago, and was saving them for a busy day when I didn't think I'd otherwise be able to get a blog post in. That would be today. Enjoy!

Almost I call attention to myself.
The redness in my face and ears
Gives me away. I am nervous
But no one else can know.
They must believe I am confident
In their abilities, in serendipity
In happily ever afters.
If they didn't believe, then
My worry would be contagious.

Basking in the glow
Of a job well done
We examine our motives
And find them to be pure.
Humbly bowing before
An appreciative crowd
We fend off accolades
And give credit
Where credit's due.

Common knowledge
That I am blessed
To know people like these
Who give of themselves
Who sacrifice free time
To do something great
That helps others
Enriches their own lives
And makes a difference.

Doing what's right
Is never easy
And rarely popular.
But it's one of the

Every time I hear those words
I will be reminded
Of you and how it felt
To finally know the truth.
You felt it too.

Flash forward ten years
Am I still here? Are you?
Are we still moving
In the same direction?
Are we still looking
Toward the same future?
Or are we there already?
Two can only hope.

Good thing you checked!
I had fallen asleep
And wasn't ready
To face the world
Or even a handful
Of eager faces.
I was dreaming
About escaping.

Hit the brakes
Unlock the doors
And let me out.
I can't handle
All the potholes.
At least not
On an empty stomach.

I knew it all along.
This was a joke.
But I'm not laughing.
Not anymore at least.

Just the way you planned
You saw the outcome
Long before it happened.
How do you do that?

Kindhearted stranger
You have no boundaries
When it comes to helping.
I wish I was like that too.

Listen closely
You'll hear it if you want to.
The sound of a life
Lived without regrets.

Mine to keep
I'll never let you go
Unless you want me to.
And even then
I'll fight for you
Until breath fails me.

Not what I'm used to
But not altogether
Unpleasant. I was
Hoping for something
Familiar. But change
Can be a good thing.

On the fence
About returning.
Not sure I can
Excel. But then
What's so wrong
With being average?
Answer: Nothing.

Passing for the real thing
Because it looks so lifelike.
You have to know, that's
Really creepy. Have your own
Or someone else's. Collecting
Lives that never lived
Is somehow less than human.

Quite the contrary
You were my first choice.
I just didn't know it
Until I'd taken one too many
First steps backward.

Right up your alley
And just around the bend.
Of all the places in the world
Who'd have guessed that
Danger lurked so close.

Sitting ducks, treading water
Getting nowhere rather fast
Do they know, or don't they bother
Watching life whizzing past.

Tumbling down like a ton of bricks
Suspended from a high place
Your carefully constructed world
Is quickly left in shambles.
Now you know how it feels, too.

Um, not really!
What makes you
Think that?
Did I say something
To steer you wrong?

Viewfinder shows you smiling, waving.
From here, you seem so far away.
Just know, you're always welcome back.

What difference does it make?
You're just going to do
Whatever you want
Whenever you want
However you want.
It doesn't matter
What I think
Or what I say
You're going to do
What you're going to do
No matter what.
So why do I still care so much?

X's and O's
It all boils down to strategy
Who are you going to cover
And who's covering you?
If you think you can just
Go out there and run roughshod
You have another think coming.
They'll clobber you first
And ask questions later.

Your first question was a good one
But you answered it yourself
With your second inquiry.
Listen to the words you just said
Therein lies the answer.
You always knew the truth
But you couldn't admit it to yourself.

Zap the pesky sucker
Before it sips your blood!
Swat the buzzing beastie
And nip it in the bud!
Life is full of problems
A bug should not be one.
No use feeling guilty
What's done is done.

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