Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things I Find Fascinating: Real Names Of Famous People

Do you think Michael Caine would have ever made it big if 
he'd gone by his real name, Maurice Micklewhite? Probably not.

 This lovely and talented lady made a name for herself as 
an actress and dancer. But she must have thought her birth 
name of Tula Ellice Finklea wouldn't get her very far, so she 
changed her name to the more poetic-sounding Cyd Charisse.

For some reason, the name Vincent Damon Furnier just didn't
have that scary rock star vibe he was going for. So he changed
 his name to Alice Cooper. Yeah, that's SO much better!

 Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, everyone's 
favorite jazz singer: Norma Deloris Egstrom! Haven't heard of her? 
Well, maybe you know her as Peggy Lee! (If you're my age or younger,  
you probably haven't heard of her at all -- but that's beside the point.)

Even with the old LP records of the day being much larger than 
the CD's of recent history, I don't think that the name Henry John 
Deutschendorf, Jr. would have fit very well running across the top 
there. So he changed his name to John Denver instead. Wise move.

Morgan Fairchild: A glamorous name for a glamorous lady. 
Had she gone by her original name of Patsy Ann McClenny
would she have been quite as famous? The world will never know...

Whether you know him as Little Joe from Bonanza, Pa Ingalls 
from Little House On The Prairie, or an earthbound angel on 
Highway To Heaven, you probably know that his real name is  
Michael Landon. Except that it isn't. His parents called him  
Eugene Orowitz.  He opted to change it. Thankfully.

The queen of 1990s romantic comedies was born with more 
names than you shake a proverbial stick at. This poor girl's parents 
got carried away and named her Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra 
at birth. Since that would never look right alongside the shortly-named 
Tom Hanks on the silver screen, she opted to go by, simply, Meg Ryan.

This is world-famous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren
Name at birth: Ralph Lipschitz. No comment.

You may know her from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Or, if
you're younger, you may recognize her as that pretty middle-aged
British lady on the jewelry commercials. Hollywood knows her as simply 
Jane Seymour. At birth, she was called (as the Brits say instead
of "named") Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. Yeah, 
that would have never worked for her, I don't think. Good choice, Joyce.

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