Sunday, April 29, 2012

What The World Needs (According To Popular Culture)

1)  Love, Sweet Love:  And apparently, we also need awkwardly choreographed finger snaps.

2)  More Cowbell:  If you've got a fevah, the prescription is "more cowbell." Don't believe me? Ask Christopher Walken.

3)  A Little Christmas:  He acknowledges that he may be rushing things, but "go ahead and deck the halls again", says Johnny Mathis. And who are we argue to with him?

4)  To Talk About Kevin:  Kevin's a crazy kid who's always said and done strange things. But now it appears he's gearing up for his grand finale: World domination? A killing spree? Revolting against having to eat his broccoli? Only Kevin knows.

5)  Speed:  Do you feel the need, the need for speed? These guys do. And from what I've seen -- after having driven and ridden on parts of a major interstate this weekend -- a lot of other people feel the same need.


 6)  More Lemon Pledge:  Sure, you probably should just bring it from your own home. But if we had it here, the problem would be solved already. So, go get some Lemon Pledge. What are you waiting for?

7)  A Few More Rednecks:  And some people who "ain't afraid to take a stand." And "a little respect for the Lord and the law and the workin' man." Also, "a little peace and satisfaction," "some good people up front to take the lead," as well as "a little less talk and a little more action." Can't argue with that.


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