Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: A Half-Stack Of Alpha Poetry, Mostly Olympics-Inpsired

As good as it gets
Is not good enough.
Had your nose to the plow
But were not up to snuff.
Try harder.

Better luck last time –
This was a disaster.
You wanted to win
But you simply weren't faster.

Crash and burn
You live, you learn.
Next time you'll know
Which way to go.
Hindsight's a beast.

Do what you know
Fight like you want to win.
Know what to do
And then begin again.
This is persistence.

Each time you strike
Do with with purpose
In it to win it
Or else it's worthless.
Don't have a heart –
Sure, they deserve this!
They weren't the fittest –
They just scratched the surface.

Find what you're good at
Make it a habit.
Dangle a carrot
Reach out and grab it.
If you can't grasp it
Stretch till you can.
Eat with your heart out
Not with your hand.

Guesswork at best
But you stand by your logic.
I think it's bogus
But you think you've got it.
Go with your gut, I say
It's never been wrong.
That may be, but you say
That it won't be long.

Hope you get
What you require
All the gold
And ample fire.
But think of this
As gold you melt –
It's just as easy
To melt yourself.

It's a most wonderful time
For being a storm.
Everyone fears you
This is the norm.
Some throw a party
You're their guest of honor.
Others throw hands up
And assume they're a goner.
You come through, blustery
Causing your chaos
And, just as quick, leave
And say that it's their loss.

Just do your best
That's all we ask.
We may not be
Up to the task.
But we expect
You not to crack.
Just give your all
We've got your back.

Kindness has no place
In this competition.
It's all about winning
That's your ambition.
Do what you came to do
Don't give up anything!
(Sadly, this mindset
Crosses over to many things.)

Light a fire
Beneath yourself.
Keep it burning
Till no one else
But you can hold
The cherished prize
And never let them
See your eyes.
(For that would unveil
Your disguise.)

Many try, but often fail.
Many want, but do not act.
The former harbor no regrets.
The latter'd like to have that back.
Pity it doesn't work that way –
Here tomorrow, gone today.

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