Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Tribute: Words You Can Make Using Letters From The Words "September Eleventh"

Eleven years ago on this date, terrorists invaded our country and thousands of innocent lives were lost. This small list of words, each of which can be made using letters from the words "September Eleventh", is dedicated to the memory of those who died as well as to those who played a significant part in ensuring that many others survived.

1)  HELPERS:  People that give help, assistance, support, etc. So many people – professionals and lay people working side by side – gave of themselves that fateful day to help the injured and dying, and to comfort those who had lost loved ones.

2)  HELMETS:  343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 NYPD officers, and 37 Port Authority police officers lost their lives on 9/11. That's a lot of empty helmets...

3)  TEMPERS:  Tempers flared when we realized our country was under attack. We wanted revenge for those who died. We wanted the masterminds behind the perpetrators of this awful crime to be punished.

4)  PRETEENS:  Often overlooked in the faceless death counts of 9/11 is the fact that several children (eight by most accounts) died in this tragedy. Three of them were preteens, just 11 years old each.

Asia Cottom

Bernard Curtis Brown II

Rodney Dickens

5)  EMBERS:  Just hours after the attacks, all that was left of the majestic Twin Towers were thousands of pounds of rubble and debris...and burning embers.

6)  VEHEMENT:  Passionate; opinionated; angry; ardent; earnest; fervent; forceful; impassioned; intense; powerful; vicious; zealous. There was much vehement debate on both sides about who was responsible for the events of 9/11, what we as a nation should do in response, and what the consequences of such a response could be.

7)  TREMBLE:  1. Shake; vibrate; quake; quiver; rock; shudder; teeter; wobble.  2. Hide; hover in fear; cringe; flinch; recoil; shrink; wince.  Though the walls of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon may have trembled (Meaning #1) and even fallen after being impacted by jet planes, America did not tremble (Meaning #2) in response to this act of terrorism. We fought back.

POSTSCRIPT:  The following items are almost completely irrelevant to the somber theme of today's post (with the exception of the first one). But just in case you need your mood lightened a bit today, here are some oddly interesting anagrams you can making using the entire phrase "September Eleventh"...





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