Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: Another Half-Stack Of Alpha Poetry

I started a new cycle of alpha poetry a few weeks back and posted it here, but never got around to finishing it. Till today, that is. Enjoy...

Not what it looks like
You were mistaken.
It's an illusion
This is not bacon!
A misunderstanding
It's easy to see
It looks and it tastes the same
But this is turkey!

Out with the new
Back to the old stuff.
Newfangled nonsense!
It's more than enough
To drive a man crazy.
He knows what he knows
And he don't want to change
'Less he's changing his clothes --
And there's nothing earth-shaking
In dispensing with those.

Pay as you go
But don't get behind.
See your way clear
But not if you're blind.
Don't borrow trouble
If you can't pay it back.
You may lack what you like
But don't like what you lack.

What you must have.
Second-guess it?
Bet you just have.
You didn't need it?
But you must have
And now it owns you.
That's called a habit.

Rearing its ugly head
As though it never left.
They got it all
The first time
But, no.
Or they did
And it returned.
It's just sick
The way it sickens you.
Someday we will
The C Monster.

Save your excuses!
Don't try to amuse us
Attempt to abuse us
Or bruise us with ruses
Or simply accuse us.
You should know --
It's useless.

Tone-deaf symphony
I can't bear to listen.
It's music to someone
But to me, it's dissonant.
Wish I could dig it
But I just want to bury it.
What good's a tune
If the music can't carry it?

Undo the harness
And let yourself go.
If you return to yourself
Then you will know
That you were meant to be
Something important.
If you stay gone
Then it's good that you went.

Vice is nice
But for a season
Then you get
What you deserve.
But you miss
What you indulged in.
Better just to be reserved
And never to have
Gotten caught up
In a web that's hard to break.
Better to have learned your lesson
And never made that first mistake.

Whether you do
Or whether you don't
Depends on what
You really want.

X-shaped tombstone
What's the meaning?
Is it a cross
That's simply leaning?
Or is there something
More to this?
Or does the "x"
Just mean "x-ist"?

You're not trying hard enough.
If you were, you'd have made it by now.
You have only yourself to blame.

Zanier than me? Ha!
Why, it's unheard of!
But then I saw their faces
And I wasn't quite as certain.

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