Friday, September 28, 2012

Famous Sculptures In Countries Starting With "L"

Fair warning: This post is the very essence of randomness. What I did was to find a list of all the world's countries whose name starts with the letter "L", then Googled pictures of some of each of these nations' most famous sculptures. The only country I couldn't find anything for was the tiny African country of Lesotho. Here's what I found for all the others...

1)  LAOS

One of the many interesting sculptures
in Buddha Park, near Vientiane, Laos.

Here's another one in Buddha Park. Creepy!

Here's the largest sculpture in Buddha Park,
which appropriately enough depicts the Buddha.


This impressive sculpture stands atop the Statue
Of Liberty Freedom Monument in Riga, Latvia.

The famous Bronze Turtle, also known as Brunurupucis.

No, this picture is not turned sideways. That cow IS climbing a pole!


This ancient sculpture depicts the
 famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

This modern sculpture in Lebanon depicts the Adiss Flower.

This interesting piece is called "Symphony
No. 7: Energy Of Life." Don't ask me why.


This is a classic Liberian helmet mask. Creepy!

You can find this sculpture outside of a Liberian hospital. If you
actually feel like traveling across the world to look for it, that is.

This interesting sculpture is crafted entirely out of scrapped weapons.


Gorgon Head sculpture in Leptis Magna, Libya.

Here's another interesting piece that
can be found in Leptis Magna.

This somewhat crumbly sculpture is located in Sabratha, Libya.


This fascinating piece is called "African King," and
is located in the city of Vaduz in Liechtenstein.

You can find this sculpture in the garden of the Liechtenstein Museum.

This odd sculpture is also located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.


You can find this intricately sculpted piece
at the Neringa National Park in Lithuania.

I don't know why, but I happen to love this piece. This sculpture
is located in the Belmontas Park in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This one's called "The Feast Of The Three
Musicians" and is found outside the National
Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania.


This ancient Luxembourg sculpture
is a statue of Epona. Whoever that is.

Okay, so it's technically a mosaic and not a sculpture. But
isn't it impressive? It's called the "Victen Roman Muse Mosaic."

This impressive sculpture is part of
the World War I Memorial located
in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

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