Sunday, December 16, 2012

10 Short Poems For Sandy Hook

All in a matter
Of minutes
They went
From education
To execution
From learning
To bleeding
From here
To gone.
Too soon.

But the questions
That we had at first
We'll still have
For years to come.
No reason
Is good enough.
No motive
Is strong enough.
No answer
Is clear enough.
But it happened

Call on God
To heal your heart
He's still there
He hasn't left.
Tears and prayers
Don't hit the stairs
And bounce back
Off your chest.

Days like these
Make us long
For the next life
One where there's
No death
No pain
No tears.
In the meantime
We do the best
We can to fathom
The unthinkable.

Every time I hear the news
Another shooting here or there
I try to put myself in their shoes
Feel as they feel, care as they care.
This time it was not so hard
(A father soon I'm going to be)
I can imagine how they felt
Looking for their babies.
Awaiting word that they've been found
Wanting to believe that they're alright
Identifying all that's left
Of all too young a precious life.

Find a place
In your heart
To forgive
It's a start
It will take
Time to heal
But I believe
Someday you will.

In the shadow
Of the valley
As the angry
Tears flow down
He is with you
Arms around you
There to catch you
If you go down.

My heart goes out
To those whose light
Has dimmed.
A gentle soul
(Young or old)
Has passed from
Their midst and
All that's left
Is emptiness.
I can only imagine.

The numbers are staggering
Outrage is overwhelming
Fears are mounting
Copycats are preparing
This world is frightening
But one thing is comforting
When silence is deafening
God's still in control.

There are no words
Only beating fists
Tight embraces
And bitter tears.
Later the words will come
And they will not be nice.
But perhaps one day

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