Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Songs With "Baby" In The Title

Since baby stuff is fresh on my mind – having had an awesome baby shower at church last night – I decided to post a collection of songs with "Baby" in the title. Not surprisingly, my search brought up far more possible choices than I could or ever should include in one blog post, but I don't necessarily want this to be an ongoing series, so I did include quite a few. (Feel free to skip around as you choose. I sure won't know the difference!) Many of the songs don't really have a whole lot to do with actual infants. Rather, the "baby" being referred to in these songs is one's significant other, whether that means a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or other "other." After pondering whether I cared if they were relevant or not for about five seconds, I decided that I didn't. A good number of these songs are golden oldies, while a few (albeit somewhat inferior ones) are more modern. But there should be something to satisfy pretty much all musical tastes here. Enjoy!

1)  The Four Tops  ~  "Baby, I Need Your Loving"

2)  Chicago  ~  "Baby, What A Big Surprise"  (our baby's already big – no surprise there)

3)  Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five  ~   "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?"

4)  Mariah Carey  ~  "Always Be My Baby"

5)  Buddy Holly & The Crickets  ~  "Maybe Baby"

6)  Elvis Presley  ~  "Baby, What You Want Me To Do"

7)  Amy Grant  ~  "Baby, Baby"

8)  Them  ~  "Baby, Please Don't Go"

9)  Britney Spears  ~  "...Baby One More Time"  (don't judge!)

10)  Aretha Franklin  ~  "Baby, I Love You"

11)  The Kinks  ~  "Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight"  (I hope we never have to ask that question...)

12)  Big Mountain  ~  "Baby, I Love Your Way"

13)  Army Of Lovers  ~  "Baby's Got A Neutron Bomb"  (weirdest song I've ever heard!)

14)  Bread  ~  "Baby, I'm A Want You"

15)  Dusty Springfield  ~  "I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face"

16)  Justin Bieber  ~  "Baby"  (yes, I did go there...I don't know why!)

17)  The Drifters  ~  "There Goes My Baby"

18)  Bruce Channel  ~  "Hey Baby"

19)  Whitney Houston  ~  "I'm Your Baby Tonight"

20)  The Shirelles  ~  "Baby, It's You"

21)  The Beach Boys  ~  "Don't Worry, Baby"

22)  Vanilla Ice  ~  "Ice Ice Baby"  (you had to know I'd include this one...word to your mother!)

23)  The Foundations  ~  "Baby, Now That I've Found You"  (natural follow-up song to #11?)

24)  Marvin Gaye  ~  "Too Busy Thinking 'Bout My Baby"

25)  Katy Perry  ~  "(Baby, You're A) Firework"  (I cheated a little on this one ["baby" is not actually part of the title], but I had to include it, because – confession time – I have already sung this song to our kiddo in the womb!)

POSTSCRIPT:  I know I left some prominent "baby" songs out – in some cases, it was on purpose because of the song's content. In other cases, the song may have been a good choice but was too obscure and I couldn't find a link to it on YouTube. Anyway, I think 25 is more than enough. ~ JH

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