Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Conversation In Song Titles Using Songs By The Beatles

This is your classic Boy-Meets-Girl-But-Girl-Won't-Give-Boy-The-Time-Of-Day Love/Anti-Love Story. The dialogue is composed entirely from the titles of songs written and/or recorded by The Beatles. Enjoy!

BOY:  Hello, Little Girl.

GIRL:  Hello, Goodbye.

BOY:  What Goes On?

GIRL:  Don't Bother Me.

BOY:  Do You Want To Know A Secret?

GIRL:  That's All Right.

BOY:  I Wanna Be Your Man.

GIRL:  Not A Second Time!

BOY:  I Want To Tell You...

GIRL:  You Like Me Too Much.

BOY:  I Want To Hold Your Hand.

GIRL:  Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby.

BOY:  How Do You Do It?

GIRL:  I'm Talking About You.

BOY:  I Just Don't Understand.

GIRL:  You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.

BOY:  Tell Me Why.

GIRL:  Some Other Guy.

BOY:  Honey, Don't.

GIRL:  Ask Me Why.

BOY:  You Won't See Me?

GIRL:  It's All Too Much!

BOY:  It's Only Love.

GIRL:  Let It Be.

BOY:  You Really Got A Hold On Me!

GIRL:  You Can't Do That.

BOY:  Tell Me Why.

GIRL:  I Should Have Known Better...

BOY:  Oh! Darling.

GIRL:  I'll Be On My Way.

BOY:  Don't Pass Me By.

GIRL:  Get Back!

BOY:  I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You.

GIRL:  Carry That Weight.

BOY:  So How Come No One Loves Me?

GIRL:  Think For Yourself!

BOY:  I'm A Loser?

GIRL:  Baby, You're A Rich Man!

BOY:  I Am The Walrus?

GIRL:  Something.

BOY:  Tell Me What You See.

GIRL:  This Boy.

BOY:  Too Much Monkey Business! Tell Me Why!

GIRL:  What You're Doing...

BOY:  I'm In Love!

GIRL:  That Means A Lot....I'll Be On My Way.

BOY:  Don't Let Me Down!

GIRL:  I'll Follow The Sun.

BOY:  I'll Keep You Satisfied. I Will!

GIRL:  Good Day, Sunshine.

BOY:  Wait! We Can Work It Out!

GIRL:  The. End.

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