Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Conversation In Song Titles Using Songs By The Rolling Stones

OK, so I'll admit it: This one's not as good as my Beatles conversation of a week or so ago. But I did the best I could. I don't even like The Rolling Stones all that much, but they -- like The Beatles -- had plenty of songs to choose from, so I went with it. The scenario this time is that of a Psychiatrist and his Patient having a session. Hopefully, it makes a little bit of sense and may elicit a chuckle or two. Or not. Either way, here it is....

PATIENT:  Something Happened To Me Yesterday.

DOCTOR:  Tell Me.

PATIENT:  Stupid Girl!

DOCTOR:  Too Tough! No Use In Crying!

PATIENT:  Out Of Tears.

DOCTOR:  You Can't Always Get What You Want.

PATIENT:  Pretty Beat Up.

DOCTOR:  Mercy, Mercy! Worried About You.

PATIENT:  I Got The Blues. Honest, I Do.

DOCTOR:  Sad, Sad, Sad?

PATIENT:  Mixed Emotions.

DOCTOR:  Tell Me.

PATIENT:  Complicated. It's Not Easy.

DOCTOR:  I Am Waiting.

PATIENT:  I'm Moving On. I'm Free!

DOCTOR:  Good Times! Congratulations!

PATIENT:  What To Do?

DOCTOR:  Shake Your Hips?

PATIENT:  Come On!

DOCTOR:  It Won't Take Long...

PATIENT:  Get Off Of My Cloud!

DOCTOR:  What A Shame...

PATIENT:  If You Really Want To Be My Friend...Doncha Bother Me. Had It With You!

DOCTOR:  Do You Think I Really Care? Please Go Home. Out Of Time. Don't Be A Stranger.

PATIENT:  You Win Again. On With The Show...

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