Friday, December 28, 2012

And The Waiting Game Begins...

I just realized that it's been almost a month since I last wrote anything about our actual lives. I've been posting plenty of so-called "entertaining" stuff, but nothing personal. So I guess it's about time.

In case you didn't know already, we're expecting our first child. Soon. Like, anytime soon. We're eight days out from the actual due date and nothing seems to be happening on its own so far. So, at our OB/GYN appointment yesterday morning, the doctor we spoke with told us that we needed to go ahead and schedule an induction. Since our due date is on a Saturday (January 5th) and they don't do scheduled inductions on the weekends, they've got us down for Monday, January 7th.

We didn't receive a whole lot of details from the doctor about how all this will go down, but this is basically what we could gather: We'll go in that Monday night and they'll get things started, but not like all the way started (i.e. with drugs). That will happen the next morning (Tuesday). Then hopefully labor will begin, but it could take hours. Many hours. Like till Wednesday morning or later. That's not going to be fun for anyone involved, especially my wife.

Would we rather have labor occur naturally? Absolutely. As we tell the kid in utero every day, we've got everything ready for him – he can come anytime he feels like it. We've got his room all fixed up, the car seat is set up in the van, and all that other important stuff that they tell you to do to prepare is done. But apparently, he doesn't feel like arriving yet. (Stubborn kid!)

I say we're ready, but is anyone really ready – is anyone really prepared for their first child? Probably not. We think we're ready, and soon enough we'll find out whether we are or not. But once he gets here, I'm certain we'll have a lot more questions than answers about how to raise a brand-new person. Fortunately, we'll have plenty of family and friends around to help us out, to answer our questions, or maybe just to hug us when we feel like we're messing up already.

For now we wait...hoping that Kiddo will decide to make his earthly debut prior to or by his due date, but unable to do anything about it if he doesn't. Now that we know when things will be set in motion, the countdown is on. Ten days to go.

We've waited seven years, so what's ten days more, I suppose? But it still seems like forever. We're just so excited to meet that guy! Ready or not.

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