Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great Gift Ideas For Friends And Family (Inspired By Vintage Christmas Ads)

This holiday season, give your friends and family gifts they'll actually love, not ones they'll just return as soon as they leave your house. If you're looking for a great gift for that hard-to-please uncle or for your weird best friend, then look no further! These vintage Christmas ads are chock-full of wonderful (if occasionally outdated) ideas sure to help you check off the rest of the names on your list...You're welcome!

 1)  A Portable Typewriter

2)  Alka Seltzer

3)  Nourishing Meat

4)  Christmas Carousel Ornaments

5)  A Sportsman's Axe

6)  Toothpaste

 7)  A Foam Pillow

8)  A Baby Bear (Or Whiskey?)

 9)  A Steam Iron (Or A Toaster...Or Both!)

10)  A Pencil Sharpener

11)  A Home Intercom System

12)  An Alarm Clock (Or Two...Or Three!)

13)  Cowboy Boots

14)  Jell-O

15)  Dixie Cups (With Convenient Cup Dispenser)

16)  Shaving Cream

17)  A Personal Radio (Or A Clock Radio...Or Both!)

19)  A Dictionary

20)  Sunkist Oranges

21)  Lincoln Logs

22)  Radio Tubes

23)  Pyrex Bakeware

24)  A Rand McNally Atlas

25)  A Projection Television Receiver (Or A Direct-View Receiver...Or Both!)

26)  A View-Master

27)   An Air Gun...For Everyone In The Family

28)  Hosiery

29)  A Carton Of Cigarettes (Ronald Reagan Approved!)

30)  Look-Alike Pajamas

31)  An Ironing Board

32)  A Rifle For Your Son

33)  A Carload Of Q-Tips

34)  A Soaky Santa Bubble Bath

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