Thursday, December 27, 2012

Songs By Bands With Animal Names, Vol. 4

This is the fourth entry in a (surprisingly long) mini-series of posts featuring songs by bands with animals in their names. If you haven't viewed the first three posts, you can read them here, here, and here. In the first post, I covered canines, felines, and hooved animals. In the second one, it was primates, bears, and rodents. The third post included aquatic animals (fish also) and birds. This time, the subject is reptiles and insects. As before, the songs will cover a wide variety of musical styles, both old and new. You may not like them all, but I'm sure you'll enjoy a few of them. You might even be familiar with several of them. Here we go...


1)  Whitesnake  ~  "Here I Go Again"

2)  The Turtles  ~  "Happy Together"

3)  Neil Young & The Stray Gators  ~  "Heart Of Gold"

4)  Tortoise  ~  "It's All Around"

5)  The Iguanas  ~  "Fortune Teller"

6)  The Gecko  ~  "Failure Is Not An Option"

7)  Alligator Indian  ~  "Telepathic Boys"


1)  Alien Ant Farm  ~  "These Days"

2)  Adam And The Ants  ~  "Antmusic"

3)  Iron Butterfly  ~  "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"  (Fair warning: This is a 17-minute-long song. You'll get the idea after the first two or three minutes, but you'll miss all the cool guitar solos...)

4)  The Bird And The Bee  ~  "My Love"

5)  Papa Roach  ~  "Broken Home"

6)  Buddy Holly & The Crickets  ~  "Oh, Boy!"

7)  Scorpions  ~  "Rock You Like A Hurricane"

8)  Flyleaf  ~  "Beautiful Bride"

9)  The Beatles  ~  "Something"

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