Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things I Find Fascinating: Funny Church Signs's time for another pictures post. I posted a few of these a few months ago, but didn't include any of these particular signs at the time. There's tons more of these that I could have chosen, but several of them are in particularly bad taste (at least, the connotations are) and I didn't feel that they'd be appropriate to post here. That being said, enjoy!

What is this, Snoop Dogg's home church or something?

You know, it's not nice to talk bad about your pastor...

Alrighty then...

Can't argue with the logic. But they could've said it a bit nicer.

Is this really an appropriate topic for a church service?

They probably could have just stopped 
at "Beware Of The Naked Person"...

The entirety of what?

But in the courtroom, we'll deny that it ever happened...

Dyslexic sign changer?

Your honesty is refreshing!


Is this a "how-to" or a "how-not-to" class? '

Welcome to our church...or not...whatever.

OK, except that you still misspelled it. It's H-A-N-U-K-K-A-H.

I think there's a misspelling here too. The church's name
should have read: "Ambien Presbyterian Church."


The fact that the preacher even felt the need
to preach this sermon is extremely disturbing!

You know, I've never thought about that, but now that
you've brought it up, I won't sleep till I figure it out!

If you say so...

Not very comforting...

Congratulations, you're an idiot!

This would go over well here in Pirate Nation...

When they sing "Lord, I Lift Your 
Name On High," they mean it!

We can't seem to recall their names. We just 
know they're not white like the rest of us.

Clever, but a tad pushy.

Dang, that's harsh!

Apparently, I was mistaken earlier.
This is Snoop Dogg's home church!

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  1. Haha. Very funny. Some I have seen before, but others were new and fantastic. what a great collection. I like the one where the pastor asked someone to change the sign.