Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprisingly Good Songs By Indie Bands With Slightly Ridiculous Names, Vol. 3

Because I just can't seem to leave well enough alone, here's more of these... Enjoy?

1)  Milk & Eggs  ~  "Birdhouses"  (Soothing folk/pop with beautiful vocals)

2)  Poison Control Center  ~  "Being Gone"  (Silly but fun pop/rock tune)

3)  Pico vs. Island Trees  ~  "Sugar Rush"  (Props to this talented band, which originally hails from Raleigh, N.C.)

4)  Portugal. The Man  ~  "Sleep Forever"  (Pretty good modern rock sound; epic-length video is part music video, part movie...but you get the gist of the song in the first four minutes or so)

5)  Release The Sunbird  ~  "Come Back To Us"  (This folk/pop gem sounds like it came straight out of the mid-1970s; nice tune!)

6)  She Keeps Bees  ~  "Counter Charm"  (This one won't be to everyone's tastes, but I liked its grungy/psychedelic rock sound...has a nice throwback feel to it)

7)  Snake Rattle Rattle Snake  ~  "Break The Same"  (A smooth, solid rock song...nothing more, nothing less)

8)  Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin  ~  "Modern Mystery"  (I was actually familiar with this band before researching this series of posts; I love their smooth, summery modern rock sound)

9)  Stagnant Pools  ~  "Frozen"  (OK, so the lead singer's voice is nothing special, but these guys can really play...if they did instrumental albums, I'd be all about their music!)

10)  Surgeons In Heat  ~  "Never Noticed"  (This guy's got a unique voice [I should clarify, a good unique voice] and the band has a nice, smooth retro-soul sound)

11)  Tape Deck Mountain  ~  "Ghost Colony"  (Kinda grunge, kinda psychedelic, kinda like the soundtrack to a dream...don't listen if you're sleepy)

12)  Tacks, The Boy Disaster  ~  "Frozen Feet"  (Nice, lo-fi rock sound with decent-but-not-great vocals...a nice way to pass four minutes of your time)

13)  Title Tracks  ~  "Steady Love"  (1960s Brit-pop meets modern pop/rock in this pleasant, catchy tune)

14)  Throw Me The Statue  ~  "Yucatan Gold"  (Quirky, funky, and just a bit other words, I like it just fine)

15)  Umphrey's McGee  ~  "Puppet String"  (Never heard of these guys before, but they seem like they'd be an amazing live band [this video's from a live performance]...impressive stuff!)

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