Thursday, April 25, 2013

Songs With Questions In The Titles, Vol. 5: HOW?

This one was almost too easy. There were way many more songs that could have fit this category, but I stuck with the program and limited it to just 10 songs with "HOW?" in the title. Apologies to any Michael Bolton or BeeGees fans who might be reading this – yes, I am aware both artists/bands have recorded at least two songs each with "HOW?" in the title, but I just couldn't bring myself to include any of them here...sorry about that. ~  JH

1)  Regina Spektor  ~  "How?"

2)  Third Eye Blind  ~  "How's It Going To Be?"

3)  Heart  ~  "How Can I Refuse?"

4)  Downhere  ~  "How Many Kings?"

5)  Alicia Keys  ~  "How Come You Don't Call Me?"

6)  Bombay Bicycle Club  ~  "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?"

7)  Feist  ~  "How Come You Never Go There?"

8)  The Young Rascals  ~  "How Can I Be Sure?"

9)  Orianthi  ~  "How Do You Sleep?"

10)  Toby Keith  ~  "How Do You Like Me Now?"

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