Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Songs With Directions In The Title, Vol. 1: "Up" Songs

Okay, so since I'm obviously obsessed with doing music posts lately, why don't I just start a whole series of them? (This is where you say, "Hey, what a great idea!" Or don't. Whatever.) This is part one of what will be a five-part miniseries. The unifying theme is that each song contains a direction within the title, whether that be up, down, left, right, or all directions. First up – appropriately – songs with "Up" in the title. I've been compiling the songs for these posts for a while now, and I hope you'll enjoy seeing/hearing them.  ~  JH

1)  Ariana Grande  ~  "Put Your Hearts Up"

2)  Chris Brown  ~  "Don't Wake Me Up"

3)  Josh Groban  ~  "You Raise Me Up"

4)  Yellowcard  ~  "Hang You Up"

5)  Green Day  ~  "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

6)  Andy Grammer  ~  "Keep Your Head Up"

7)  Paula Abdul  ~  "Straight Up"

8)  J-Min  ~  "Stand Up"  (NOTE: If you can't make out most of the lyrics here, it's for good reason – it's in Korean. Still, it's a very good song – whatever they're singing about...)

9)  Paloma Faith  ~  "Picking Up The Pieces"

10)  The Afters  ~  "Lift Me Up"

11)  John Legend & The Roots ft. Common & Melanie Fiona  ~  "Wake Up Everybody"

12)  Laura Bell Bundy  ~  "Giddy On Up"

13)  Foster The People  ~  "Pumped Up Kicks"  (A quick bit of trivia for you: Christian singer Rebecca St. James is married to the bass guitarist in this band)

14)  Technotronic  ~  "Pump Up The Jam"

15)  Kelly Clarkson  ~  "I Do Not Hook Up"

16)  Ben Howard  ~  "Keep Your Head Up"

17)  Amelia Lily  ~  "Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You've Got)"

18)  James Morrison ft. Jessie J  ~  "Up"

19)  Eliza Doolittle  ~  "Pack Up"

20)  Fever Ray  ~  "When I Grow Up"

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