Monday, August 26, 2013

"Over" Songs

Okay, so yet another "Opposites" music post. This one was going to include both "Over" and "Under" songs, but I ended up finding too many good ones for each, so I've split it up into two posts. "Under" songs will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Blake Shelton  ~  "Over"

2)  Miranda Lambert  ~  "Over You"  (You see what I did there? If not, let me explain: the artist in song #1 is married to the artist in song #2 – aha!)

3)  Florence + The Machine  ~  "Dog Days Are Over"

4)  RED  ~  "Already Over"

5)  Sara Bareilles  ~  "Gonna Get Over You"

6)  Nelly ft. Tim McGraw  ~  "Over And Over"

7)  Alanis Morissette  ~  "Head Over Feet"

8)  The Doors  ~  "When The  Music's Over"

9)  Sugar Ray  ~  "When It's Over"

10)  The Fray  ~  "Over My Head (Cable Car)"

11)  Testament  ~  "Over The Wall"  (I don't care much for the "singing," but they certainly play well)

12)  Toto  ~  "I'll Be Over You"

13)  Daughtry  ~  "Over You"

14)  R. Kelly  ~  "The Storm Is Over Now"

15)  Disciple  ~  "The Wait Is Over"

16)  The Saturdays  ~  "Forever Is Over"

17)  Pixie Lott  ~  "Can't Make This Over"

18)  Crowded House  ~  "Don't Dream It's Over"

19)  Led Zeppelin  ~  "Over The Hills And Far Away"

20)  Jon McLaughlin ft. Sara Bareilles  ~  "Summer Is Over"  (Yes, I put two songs featuring Sara Bareilles in one post – what's your point?)

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