Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Songs By "Fake" Bands

I should probably clarify the title of this post. The bands represented here are actual bands – they do exist (or they did at some point). The "fakeness" of the bands lies in their names. Each band in this collection either has the word "Fake" or one of its synonyms in its name. It's a dumb idea, I know. But when I actually thought of the concept, it seemed to make a bit more sense than it does now. At least there are only 13 songs to slog through, if that's any consolation. And several of the songs are pretty good, even the ones by bands you've never heard of. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Fake Shark Real Zombies  ~  "Paint It Gold"

2)  Fake Problems  ~  "The Dream Team"

3)  Fake Blood  ~  "I Think I Like It"

4)  False Positive  ~  "After All"

5)  Great Imitation  ~  "Bittersweetheartattacks"

6)  Counterfeit i  ~  "Sahel"

7)  Counterfeit Molly  ~  "The Dark"

8)  Make Believe Me  ~  "Home"

9)  Big Phony  ~  "I Love Lucy"

10)  The Pretenders  ~  "I'll Stand By You"

11)  Pseudo Echo  ~  "Funky Town"

12)  Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs  ~  "Woolly Bully"

13)  The Charlatans  ~  "The Only One I Know"

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