Thursday, August 1, 2013

Songs By Ladies Named Rachel, Rachael, & Rachelle

You should know by now that there's no point in even trying to guess where these random ideas come from. Just revel in (or avoid) the randomness and enjoy the songs (or don't). You probably haven't heard of that many of these Rachels, Rachaels, or Rachelles (I hadn't), but they're all worth at least one listen. Maybe two...  ~  JH

1)  Rachel Crow  ~  "Mean Girls"

2)  Rachel Platten  ~  "1,000 Ships"

3)  Rachel Potter  ~  "Live The Dream"

4)  Rachel Goodrich  ~  "Fire"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

5)  Rachel Lee Tinney  ~  "Tell Me"

6)  Rachel Sermanni  ~  "Breathe Easy"

7)  Rachel And The Kings  ~  "Not Giving Up"

8)  Rachel Farley  ~  "I Knew You When"

9)  Rachel Scott  ~  "Resolution"

10)  Evan Rachel Wood   ~  "I'd Have You Anytime"

11)  Rachael Yamagata  ~  "Elephants"  (She's so good, it was hard to pick just one of her songs!)

12)  Rachael Lampa  ~  "Remedy"

13)  Rachael Delano  ~  "Hide My Tears At Night"

14)  Rachelle Ann Go  ~  "Let The Pain Remain"

15)  Rachelle Van Zanten  ~  "Take Me Right Back"

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