Friday, September 13, 2013

Songs By Artists With American Cities In Their Names

I hope you've noticed that my last couple of music posts did not involve "Opposites." I'm trying (not too successfully) to break that nasty habit, but I won't make any promises. Here's another non-"Opposites" post, consisting of songs by singers or bands with American cities in their names. I may do a Vol. 2 of this at some point, highlighting artists with international cities in their names. But again, I won't make any promises. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  New York Dolls  ~  "Personality Crisis"

2)  L.A. Guns  ~  "The Ballad Of Jayne"

3)  Chicago  ~  "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"

4)  Whitney Houston  ~  "I Will Always Love You"

5)  Philadelphia Grand Jury  ~  "The Good News"

6)  Dallas Smith  ~  "What Kinda Love"

7)  Julie Anne San Jose  ~  "I'll Be There"

8)  Austin Mahone  ~  "What About Love"

9)  Good Charlotte  ~  "I Just Wanna Live"

10)  Detroit Grand Pubahs  ~  "Autotragik"

11)  Boston  ~  "More Than A Feeling"

12)  John Denver  ~  "Annie's Song"

13)  Washington  ~  "The Hardest Part"

14)  What Made Milwaukee Famous  ~  "Selling Yourself Short"

15)  Claudia Albuquerque  ~  "You"

16)  Fresno  ~  "Uma Música"

17)  Sacramento  ~  "Everything To Waste"

18)  Atlanta Rhythm Section  ~  "Spooky"

19)  Raleigh Ritchie  ~  "Stay Inside"

20)  Miami Sound Machine  ~  "Conga"

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