Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Songs By People Named Sven And Svetlana

There's actually an interesting story behind this seemingly random post. Many years ago, when I was toiling away in an occasionally interesting but often mind-numbing retail job, a friend and I used to – mostly out of boredom, but also out of mischief – print fake names for ourselves and affix them to our name badges. Why our employer was dumb enough – and I'm not naming the employer on purpose here – to allow us all access to the label-printing machine is beyond me, and is quite beside the point. One of my personal favorites that I wore proudly – until a manager noticed it and asked me to change it – was "Corporate Slave." When my friend and I would wear work the same shift, we'd often masquerade as "Sven" (me) and "Svetlana" (she), strictly to be ridiculous. I thought about this past ludicrousness for the first time in a long time recently and decided to do a non-"Opposites" music post (you're welcome) with songs by people who are actually named Sven and Svetlana. Not surprisingly, I was only able to find ten songs, but here they are nonetheless. And boy, are they random!!! Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Sven-Holger Rosenvinge  ~  "Bluebird"  (This is actually a really good song. I listened to it a second time, not because I had to but because I wanted to.)

2)  Svetlana Loboda ft. Max Barskih  ~  "Heart Beats"  (Human beings scampering about like rabbits makes for a very interesting video. The song's alright too, I suppose.)

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

3)  Sven Dorau  ~  "Sundays"  (This was not what I expected. It's calming yet catchy, and really quite pleasant.)

4)  Svetlana "Ceca" Raznatovic  ~  "Da Raskinem Sa Njom"  (I looked it up and this title [in Serbian] translates into "Let Me Break Up With Her," but based on the video it's apparently not a girl-girl relationship that's referred to here.)

5)  Sven Kacirek  ~  "Turned Into What You Listen To"  (Don't hold your breath waiting for the singing to start – this is an instrumental. But it's a well-played one. I don't have a clue why that guy in the video is walking around in a ghillie suit. He doesn't appear to be hunting anything – or anyone.)

6)  Svetlana Horn  ~  "Heavenly Horn"  (Ironically, no horns were involved in the making of this video. A violin and a dancer, however, were heavily involved.)

7)  Sven Curth  ~  "Jesus Loves Tractors"  (Ohh...kayyyy...)

8)  Svetlana Agarval  ~  "Rim Jhim, Rim Jhim"  (I have no idea what this song's about, since it isn't in English – but Svetlana croons it capably enough for a quick listen.)

9)  Sven Zetterberg  ~  "I'll Take Care Of You"  (I had no idea Swedish guys could sing and play the blues as well as this guy does. You learn something new everyday, I suppose.)

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

10)  Svetlana Ivanchenko  ~  "I Like This Rhythm"  (She also likes this accordion, judging by the adoring look on her face throughout this song. It's kinda creepy, really.)

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