Thursday, October 10, 2013

Songs By Noteworthy New Zealanders

Okay, so here's a post that I manufactured for the express purpose of having an excuse to post the second song in this list, with which I am currently obsessed. That being said, I discovered several heretofore unknown-to-me singers here and was pleasantly surprised to find that a couple of singers I was already familiar with just happened to hail from New Zealand. So, yeah...enjoy them!  ~  JH

1)  Elliot Brown  ~  "Shiloh"

2)  Lorde  ~  "Royals"

3)  Glenn Aitken  ~  "Ordinary People"

4)  Brooke Fraser  ~  "Something In The Water"

5)  Vince Harder  ~  "Far From Here"

6)  Flip Grater  ~  "Ring Around The Rosie"

7)  Lakyn Heperi  ~  "Are You There"

8)  Ladyhawke  ~  "Blue Eyes"

9)  Matt Joe Gow  ~  "Come What May"

10)  Kimbra  ~  "Cameo Lover"

11)  Princess Chelsea  ~  "The Cigarette Duet"

12)  Stan Walker  ~  "Take It Easy"

13)  Gin Wigmore  ~  "Man Like That"

14)  Anna Coddington  ~  "Bird In Hand"

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