Thursday, October 31, 2013

Songs For Halloween

Happy Halloween! I know this is a controversial holiday for some, and not everyone chooses to celebrate it. But I'm not one of those people, so here goes a collection of Halloween-themed songs. In most cases, the song isn't intended to be a Halloween-oriented song, it just happens to have a word in its title that could be associated with this most ghoulish of days. Enjoy! (Or don't. It's all the same to me.)  ~  JH

1)  Ne-Yo  ~  "Beautiful Monster"

2)  The Cranberries  ~  "Zombie"

3)  Michael Jackson  ~  "Ghost"

4)  Eagles  ~  "Witchy Woman"

5)  Annie Lennox  ~  "Love Song For A Vampire"

6)  Imagine Dragons  ~  "Demons"

7)  Matchbook Romance  ~  "Monsters"

8)  Panic! At The Disco  ~  "It's Almost Halloween"

9)  Tegan And Sara  ~  "Walking With A Ghost"

10)  Family Force 5  ~  "Zombie"

11)  Donovan  ~  "Season Of The Witch"

12)  Skillet  ~  "Monster"

13)  The Citizens Of Halloween  ~  "This Is Halloween"  (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

14)  Fefe Dobson  ~  "Ghost"

15)  Red Sky Mary  ~  "Red Witch"

16)  Paramore  ~  "Monster"

17)  Jonathan Coulton  ~  "Creepy Doll"

18)  Queens Of The Stone Age  ~  "Burn The Witch"

19)  Yeah Yeah Yeahs  ~  "Skeletons"

20)  Lindsey Stirling  ~  "Phantom Of The Opera Medley"

BONUS TRACK – Bobby Pickett  ~  "Monster Mash"  (What Halloween song collection would be complete without this campy gem?)

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