Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Songs With "Wait" In The Title

So, I was going to make this post a collection of "Wait" and "See" songs. But then I found too many "Wait" songs that I wanted to use, and so it became necessary to break this idea up into two separate posts. Not nearly as effective or clever, I know, but then again it wasn't really an "Opposites" post to begin with, so I can kinda make up the "rules" as I go, can't I? Nevertheless, enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Mumford & Sons  ~  "I Will Wait"

2)  Cookie Monster  ~  "Me Want It (But Me Wait)"

3)  Rebecca St. James  ~  "Wait For Me"

4)  Luther Vandross  ~  "Love Won't Let Me Wait"

5)  The Pussycat Dolls ft. Timbaland  ~  "Wait A Minute"

6)  Us  ~  "I Will Wait For You"

7)  Charlotte Gainsbourg ft. Beck  ~  "Heaven Can Wait"

8)  The Lion King Cast  ~  "I Just Can't Wait To Be King"

9)  Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt  ~  "Waiting"

10)  Tiny Animals  ~  "Wait For Me"

11)  Fireflight  ~  "For Those Who Wait"

12)  SOJA  ~  "I Don't Wanna Wait"  (For some time now, I have unintentionally neglected the uniquely wonderful genre of music that is reggae – time to change that!)

13)  Joe Nichols  ~  "I'll Wait For You"

14)  Paula Cole  ~  "I Don't Want To Wait"

15)  Kenny G ft. Lenny Williams  ~  "Don't Make Me Wait For Love"

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