Thursday, January 9, 2014

Interesting Quotes By Famous Torontonians

"The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow
because it was important to them:
there ought to be as many for love."
~  Margaret Atwood, author

"No matter what your choices are, you truly 
have no control about what people think of you."
~  Neve Campbell, actress

"I think I may have become an actor to hide 
from myself. You can escape into a character."
~  John Candy, actor

"Blame is just a lazy person's way of making sense of chaos."
~  Douglas Coupland, author

"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes."
~  Jim Carrey, actor

"When you're in the muck, you can only see muck.
If you somehow manage to float above it, you
still see the muck but you see it from a different
perspective. And you see other things too. 
That's the consolation of philosophy."
~  David Cronenberg, film director

"It's important for me to let my 
fans know I really don't care."
~  Drake, hip-hop artist

"If you keep bashing your head against 
the same wall, at some point you're going
to fall over and be still for awhile."
~  Feist, singer/songwriter

"Always have a sense of humor 
about life – you'll need it – 
but always be courteous to boot."
~  Peter Jennings, journalist

"A half truth, like half a brick, is
always more forcible as an argument 
than a whole one. It carries better."
~  Stephen Leacock, author

"People who annoy people are
the luckiest people in the world."
~  Howie Mandel, actor

"Sorrow is so easy to express
and yet so hard to tell."
~  Joni Mitchell, singer/songwriter

"With fame there is a crosswire
between intensity and intimacy.
You have decoy intimacy, but 
you are also very much alone."
~  Mike Myers, actor

"You may have a fresh start any
moment you choose, for this thing
that we call 'failure' is not the 
falling down, but the staying down."
~  Mary Pickford, actress

"You never appreciate anonymity
until you don't have it anymore."
~  Jason Priestley, actor

"Grief changes shape, but it never ends."
~  Keanu Reeves, actor

"No one is any one thing."
~  Martin Short, actor

"It's very important in life to know when to
shut up. You should not be afraid of silence."
~  Alex Trebek, TV personality

"You're never too fat for a new purse."
~  Nia Vardalos, actress

"The thing about my music is,
there really is no point."
~  Neil Young, singer/songwriter

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