Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Story # 2: "The Rub"

So I guess I'm in "story mode" again. Here's another new one I just cooked up. It was inspired by a curious green car I saw driving down the road this morning. Enjoy!  ~  JH


You painted your car a vibrant mint green color. It's by no means the best paint job you've ever seen, but certainly not the worst either. At the very least, it serves its purpose. Despite its light pastel shade, you can no longer clearly see the blood stains. You were surprised when the car wash didn't take care of that. The car's interior was a different matter altogether. The seats were fabric -- albeit a deep gray -- but the blood had soaked in deep and there was no concealing those rust-colored stains or that coppery smell. You had to rip it all out and start over. You'd never reupholstered a car before, despite your extensive experience in the business. It's every bit as hard as you thought. In this, however, you believe you succeeded greatly -- even beyond that of your amateurish but surprisingly effective paint job. There's only one thing that troubles you now. No matter what you've tried -- patching it, filling it, etc. -- you can't manage to make the bullet hole appear to be anything other than it is. And there's the rub. 

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