Thursday, May 29, 2014

From A to Z: 26 Words To Describe Myself

Awkward:  Socially, physically, mentally. You name it, I'm awkward at it.

Belligerent:  But really only in adverse traffic scenarios. Otherwise, I'm pretty mild-mannered.

Cheesy:  My humor is an acquired taste. And some people are lactose-intolerant.

Deliberate:  Especially in my work. I'm not the fastest, most productive writer. But I may very well be the most thorough, and thereby the most effective.

Eclectic:  My taste in books, movies, music, and people in general is quite varied.

Fleshy:  I'm carrying a few extra pounds. Quite a few, actually.

Goofy:  I can be downright silly when I want to be. And I often want to be.

Hellenic:  My great-grandfather emigrated to the United States from Greece. Which makes me one-eighth Greek.

Impulsive:  All too often, I act or speak without thinking. And sometimes that gets me into trouble.

Jealous:  I am guilty of this most basic yet very common character flaw. I'm jealous of those who have more money than I do, those who are better-looking than I am, and of those who are more talented than I am.

Kindhearted:  Despite my sometimes bristly exterior, I'm basically a nice person who cares about other people more than I do about myself.

Listless:  I don't always lack energy or enthusiasm – but when I do, I do it better than anyone else I know.

Melodious:  I can carry a tune. And play a few of them, too. I've been told I don't entirely suck at either.

Neutral:  In politics, in conflicts, in interpersonal relationships, I am basically Switzerland. It's rare that I take a strong stance on anything. Which can be infuriating to some.

Obvious:  Here I'm not referring to the "easily perceived or understood" definition of the word, but rather the "predictable and lacking in subtlety" definition.

Passable:  This is my honest opinion of how I view myself, physically speaking. I'm not the ugliest person who ever lived, but I'll never be counted among the handsomest, either. I'm just, blah. Just barely average.

Quirky:  I'm not exactly normal, but not quite psychotic. Color me "different."

Rubicund:  This isn't nearly as scandalous a word as it sounds. It means I'm red-faced, ruddy-complexioned. It's a ginger thing, I think.

Scraggly:  I only shave every two or three days, so often my beard can appear a bit unkempt. There's a method to the madness, though. It just doesn't come through that clearly.

Tedious:  In the sense that I'm "wordy so as to cause weariness or boredom."

Unfathomable:  Even after this 26-word exposition of myself, you will find me incomprehensible. I'm just impossible to read. Even to myself.

Versatile:  I can do many different things well. But most of my talents lie dormant due to lack of opportunity.

Woozy:  This mostly describes me when I'm under the influence of allergy medications (almost a daily occurrence at this time of year). But it sometimes applies in my daily life as well.

Xenophobic:  I'll admit it. Sometimes I am "unreasonably fearful of…anyone or anything foreign or strange." I'm not racist – not in the least – but I am distrustful of people I don't know or understand. Come to think of it, I'm somewhat distrustful of some people I do know and understand. Oh…

Yielding:  I can be extremely stubborn at times, but in the end I'd rather let someone else have their way than engage in a conflict. If that makes me a wimp or any less of a man, then so be it.

Zealous:  When I am passionate about something (admittedly, this is a rarity), I will pursue it to the fullest – with energy, enthusiasm, and fervor springing up within me from wells I didn't even know existed.

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