Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: Even More Alpha Poetry

As soon as you get back
Please give me a call
I need to hear your voice
I haven't cried lately.

Being weird
Is an art form
It doesn't happen
By accident
It doesn't happen
It is cultivated
Through years
And years of practice.

Could it be?
Am I actually happy?
I think I am
And it's all your fault.
Thank you.

Daily toils
And constant struggles
You've got my back.

Even I can see that
Some people should never be
Allowed to love each other.
It's bad for the universe.

Fill 'er up
I'll take all I can afford.
Better yet
Half a tank is quite enough
I don't want to seem greedy
Or go broke.

Good grief
Was there ever such a thing?
If so then
It exists in the ability
To move on
And move forward
Without ever forgetting.

How is it that
We ended up here
In a desert
When the map said
We were headed
For the stars.

I'm not here right now
Try me again later
I may return
If I miss what I've lost.

Join for free
We won't spam you.
Well, maybe just a little.
After all
We're not running
A charity here.
The best things in life
Have price tags.

Kind of like
We never left
But different
Because we did.

Long time coming
Easy going
Life is short.

May I have this dance?
I promise not
To step on your toes
More than twice
Per measure.

Not only that
But I can
Pat my head
Rub my belly
Hop on one leg
And say the alphabet
– backwards! –
While thinking of you.
What does that say
About us? 

On my way to the store
I realized I forgot
Why I was going
In the first place.
I know I need something
But I guess I just don't care.

Piece of cake, he says
Easy for him to say
He knows what he's doing
And I write poetry
Not exactly
Apples and oranges.

Quiet in the library
There are books
Dreaming of becoming
Made-for-TV movies
Waiting to be ruined
And you wouldn't want
To disturb their slumber.

Roundabout way
Of saying that
I think you're special
When all I have to do
Is say you're special.
Why do I have to
Make things complicated?

Stay a while
Kick your feet back
Pretend like you live here
We don't mind
But don't forget
You're a visitor.

Two days ago
I liked you
Then I realized
I don't know
Who you are
So I clicked again
And just like that
The relationship

Up the creek
A sudden downpour
No oars in sight
Badly mended holes
Leaking faster now.
This is going to be
A really bad day!

Very, very much
With all my heart
You fill in the rest.

Wait a minute
Or a lifetime.
Don't worry
I'm not going anywhere
Unless you are.

Aren't you?
Just because they
Don't speak like you do
Don't look like you do
Don't hate like you do
Doesn't mean that
You're any better.

Yes, it's true
I did say that.
And I'm not sorry.
I was once
But I forgave myself.

Zero chance that I'll ever decide
That you are worth returning to.
I saw where things were headed
And I wasn't even in the picture.
Just because things have changed
Doesn't mean my mind has.

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