Monday, March 12, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: More Alpha Poetry

If you read this post a few days ago, you already know what Alpha Poetry is. If not, click on the link in the previous sentence and be introduced to the concept behind these "flash poems".  Here's a new cycle I came up with recently. Hope you enjoy them...

Apart from you
I am complete.
With you
I am full.
Either way
I'm doing okay.

Buy one get one
At half price
Does that work
With hearts, too?

Clap if you like it
Groan if you hate it
But you must react
So they can know
How to feel
About their efforts.

Dust off your boots
Step out the door
And keep walking.
But keep trying!
One slammed door
Does not mean
You failed.

Everybody says
They are fine
When the truth is
No one is fine.
Everybody lies
Because the truth is
Too scary to face.

Flip a coin
If it lands
On heads
So will you.
If it lands
On tails
Down you go.
If it never lands
You'll know
It was never
Meant to be.

Get a life
But don't take
Someone else's
I'm sure they
Have plans for it.
And shortening it
Was likely not
One of them.

Hope you have
A wonderful day
Or that at least
No one spits
In your face
Because that
Is a terrible way
To spend a birthday.
(Speaking from experience)

In the event
Of an actual emergency
I'll be the first one
Out the door.
Fend for yourself
Or give up
But don't expect me
To save you.
This is retribution.

Jeering voices
You should have
Bought the chocolate
Instead. Don't they
Always prefer it?
What were you thinking?

Keep looking up
And you're likely
To get guano
In your eye
And that's sure
To get you down.

Lisping speech
Hard to decipher
What she's saying.
But it sounds like
An apology.
I'm thorry too.

Maybe I should have
Paid better attention
When you said you
Were done. I thought
You meant your breakfast.
But you haven't returned
So I'm guessing I was wrong.

Not what I expected.
Better! Life is full
Of surprises sometimes.
Usually bad ones
But sometimes good ones too.
I should be less pessimistic.

Overwhelming me
With honesty!
There's only so much
Truth I can take
In one sitting.
Tell me a lie or two.
I need time to recover.

Possible answers
Yes, no, never, always
What will you say?
I am impatient.

Quicker than before
You seem to be getting
The hang of it.
I wish I were
A faster learner.

Rising cost of living
Means less in my pocket.
Except for lint
Which always multiplies
And is never affected
By inflation.
What I wouldn't give
To be lint.

Sustaining that kind of productivity
For more than a week denotes
Superhumanity. Stop making us
Look bad already! We're doing
The best we can with gnarled hands.

This is not the right time
To be discussing this.
People are staring.
You're making a spectacle.
Please, can we talk about this
Later? We could have coffee
And settle our differences.
Why does it always have to be
A big production? I get it.
You've always wanted to direct.

Undoubtedly you think
That your master plan
Is foolproof. Well, it isn't.
I found several flaws
And I'm as big a fool
As anyone else.

Vague references
To unsolved crimes
Number one suspect
But how did he do it?
He lied.

Went to town. Be back
In a bit. Take what you
Need. Leave the money
On the counter. I trust
You. See that it's not
Misplaced. Or I may
Have to come back and
Tear you limb from limb.

Xylophone music
Playing in the background
Who'd have ever thought
You could bob your head
To clink-clink-clink-clink?
But there's no mistaking it
That song is catchy.

Yes, I did call you earlier.
I was trying to find out
If you got my message.
You know the one I mean.
When I said I never wanted
To speak to you again?
Yeah? Well, I changed my mind.

Zip your lip
No one must know
Until it is time.
Useless to worry
About possibilities.

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