Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raining On My Parade

I know we need it
I know rain's good
But not when I'm stopping
To get fast food!

I roll down the window
To give them my order
Dumb prerecorded intro
I wish it was shorter!

I give them my debit card
Cash is too complicated
Even though there's an awning
I'm still inundated!

The food order picked up
I speed toward the exit
"I'm on the way, Hon"
It's not safe -- but I text it.

Leave the door open
I'm coming with dinner.
By the way, does this drenching
Make me look thinner?

Settle down to the keyboard
I've got to type faster
Or I'll lose this idea
About my fast-food disaster.

I'm running out of day
To get in my blog post
Yes, I know I'm dripping
I should probably change clothes.

I'm going! I'm going!
But first let me hit "Publish"
I'll check later for spelling
And improper English.

Once I'm in dry clothes
I can now eat my food
I know we need rain
But right now is not good!

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