Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Half-Stack Of Alpha Poetry

All I ever wanted was
A chance to do things right –
Or fail, but in the trying
Learn a little about life.
It seems as though I'll get it
After years anticipating
But for now I'll educate myself
And learn to love the waiting.

Back it up with actions
Your word is not enough.
Know when to stop talking
You can always say too much.
Prove what you're retelling
Don't assume it to be true.
What you say can cost you big
Don't let it own you, too.

Cat got my tongue?
No, I'm holding it willingly.
Bursting to tell someone
It's almost killing me.
Sooner than later
The time will have come
A sigh of relief when
It's all said and done.

Don't hold your breath
Your face will turn blue.
Ask me no questions
I'll give you no clues.
There have been plenty
Already, you see?
Maybe it's harder
For you than for me –
It is what it is
Or at least it will be.

Every dog has his day
'Least that's what they say.
That's fine, that's okay
But what if you're a blue jay?
Does a jay have its day
Or does it have to pay
To play in the spray
Of a stray gamma ray?

Funny business, this thing called Life –
How quick it comes and quick it goes.
But when it's good, it never stays
That way – it's like Somebody knows
That we will take for granted
All we've come to know as ours.
We will get lost in the minutes
And will stay that way for hours.
To keep things in perspective
We may smile and laugh for now –
But in just merely a second
It can all come crumbling down.

Getting to the good part
Where it finally comes together
Happy ever after. Kiss the girl
And then – forever!
If  we could just fast-forward
To the space beyond the credits
When the story's in the past
And it's too late for the edits –
What would "happy ever after"
Really look like for the couple?
Would they still be smiling, grinning
Or would there be endless struggle?
Sadly, if this weren't a fantasy
They'd probably never make it.
But we watch again, and then again
It's not real – but we'll take it!

Head over heels in love with
Someone I can't even see
Weeks from now I will
But today, it's still a dream.
Scared that when we meet
I won't be ready – I won't know
All that I'm supposed to
After the first "hello."
I'm new at this, I'm awkward
And I think I'm learning slow
My goal – like theirs – until that time
Is – every day – to grow.

I'm not getting any younger
Or faster, or fitter –
If anything I'm fatter
And slower. Consider
That if I stay the way
That I am, or have been
I'll be in no condition
To move while my head spins.
I need to step my game up
I ought to be ashamed of
My lack of self-control
And willpower, I'm to blame. But
I have time to change, and
I want to – I'm ready!
The path ahead is foggy
But I'm moving – I'm steady.

Just a minute of your time
If I could have it, please
I'd like to tell you all about
This opportunity!
For the price of a cup of coffee
You could be saving a tree
If you say "yes" right now
We'll add another tree for free!
That's right, for just one cup a day
You'll be helping the planet –
I know you're so excited now
That you can hardly stand it!
But wait, there's more, if you agree
Right now to sponsor forests
We'll activate your membership
To National Outdoorists
The magazine that's going green
By never being printed
Except online, of course – okay
I'm being quite long-winded!
I won't take up more of your time
Just need a valid credit card
We also do the bank draft thing
If you think that's not too hard.
Thank you, sir or madam, for
Your helpful contribution.
Speaking of which – we also have
A plan to stop pollution.
For just one dollar more per day
You could help clear all the smog away....

Kicking back and taking names
Of all the guys and all the dames
Who ever made me work too hard
So I can send them all postcards –
The "Wish You Were Here" kind
All personally signed, to remind
Them that I resigned, to unwind
Hundreds of miles from mankind
For the unconfined peace of mind
That, working, I could never find.

Light at the end of tunnel seems
Much brighter these days – not just in dreams.
Could it be that the dark is lifting?
Could it be that the tide is shifting?
Steady footing on a slippery slope
Reminds me there is always hope.

Making heads or tails of things
Is difficult when thoughts abound.
Worries, fears, and questions rise
And we are left to swim or drown.
Knowing what is happening
Is power, but not absolute.
Seeking answers, finding them
Is best – there's comfort in the truth.

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