Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Heard Your Heartbeat (Poem)

I heard your heartbeat. Now I know that you're real.
I know that's ridiculous, but that's how I feel.
Seeing that first grainy picture six weeks ago –
Proof you were in the right place – that was good to know.
But I needed more to convince me you're still inside.
The signs are all there, but so much is implied.
I needed to see you, but it was still way too soon.
So today as we made our way back to that room
I said a quick prayer that this time we could hear you.
Then the midwife placed her device oh-so-near you
And listened – we listened too – it was so quiet.
But, yes, there it was, and we couldn't deny it!
Ka-thunka, ka-thunka, ka-thunka – your heartbeat –
Tears welling up in my eyes – it was so sweet!
My son or my daughter, I don't even care which
As long as you're healthy – and if not, even then –
I'll love you – I do love you – your mom feels the same
I can't wait to meet you, and call you by name.


  1. Jason! That is a beautiful tribute to a much loved child!

  2. i was feeling the same as you in the first few lines...isn't God good? i can't wait to hold the little one close. mom