Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is It Bad That...?

Is It Bad That...

...I use my debit card for everything (because I never carry cash), including when I go to the Dollar Tree and only buy one thing?

...I find it funny when my wife (who doesn't even like baseball) starts crying tears of joy after seeing a 20-second highlight of a perfect game thrown by a San Francisco Giants pitcher last night?

...I'm considering not voting at all in this year's presidential election because I don't care for either the Democrat incumbent or his Republican competitor?

...I work like a hermit, holed up in my office all day with the door shut, my music blasting in my earbuds, and never speak to any of my coworkers unless I have to?

...I'd much rather listen to a Taylor Swift CD than a Beethoven symphony?

...I enjoy making "to-do" lists but hate to do most of the things on the list? penmanship – which used to be quite good – has declined in recent years, now that I do almost all of my "writing" on a computer?

...I've always wanted to visit Iceland, but I've never really wanted to visit Paris?

...I have to pay a plumber to tighten the bolts on my toilet so it won't leak, because I lack the proper tools, skills, or even basic understanding of plumbing to handle the job myself?

...I had originally intended to do 10 of these questions, and this one is technically # 10 but shouldn't count because it's not really a question, but I don't feel like taking the time to come up with another actual question?

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