Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: A New Cycle Of Alpha Poetry

Acorns don't fall far from trees
So I worry when I think of me
And all the quirks and crazy things
My mind cooks up -- what does that mean?
I dare to wish (with hesitation)
There's hope for the next generation.

Blow me away
With honesty
It's hard to hear
But necessary.
I'll tell you when
I've had enough
But hopefully
I never will.

Catch my drift
I'm trying to say
The things I'm
Trying not to say.
It's not the time
It's not the place
But I am trying

Drive me to distraction
I welcome the diversion.
Biding time until the time
When saying is believing
And half the fun's in telling.

Elephant in the room
Standing there
Minding his own business
Snuffling away
At the punch bowl
Hoping no one will notice
So far, so good.

First things first
I'd like to say
That I am fine
But not okay.
I need some time
To process this
To catch up on
The things I've missed
By giving up
And letting go
But now I know
I have to know.

Grasping at straws
With slimy fingers
In small containers.
That's about the
Long and short of it.
But progress is

Hard to swallow
Harder to deny
This is hello
And not goodbye.
We've never been
This far before
But here we are
And there is more.

I hear you
But what you're saying
The words
The cadence
The meaning
What you're telling me
Is unexpected
Say it again
I'm listening.

Jumping the gun
And assuming
Anything at all
Is foolhardy.
Taking for granted
Anything at all
Is dangerous.
Cautious but
This is best

Keep your eyes open
Reading the words
But understanding
That between them
Are lines, and spaces
White in color
But full of meaning.
This is comprehension
Seeing everything
Even the things
That aren't there.

Last but not least
At least I hope not
I'm standing here knocking
But I think they forgot.

My hands are tied
Behind my head
I'm not sure where
I'm being led.
If I should simply
Please don't forget
I once was here.

No if's, and's, or but's about it
I'm not qualified to complete
A sentence I never earned.
I appeal to you in all sincerity
To speak on behalf of my release.
(If, of course, you wish me to return.)

Off the top of my head
I can't think of anything
I'd rather be doing
Or anywhere
I'd rather be going
Or anyone
I'd rather be seeing
Than what I'm doing
Where I'm going
And who I'm seeing
In you.

Pin your hopes
On grainy greys
And blacks and whites
And listening.
What you see
And what you hear
Can make a world
Of difference.

Quick as a flash
I dash ahead
And lose my head.
I guess I should
Have slowed a bit
Now that I'm here
And waiting.

Red herrings everywhere
Are making it difficult
To guess the outcome.
You could skip ahead
Read the last page.
Or go to the source
And beg for answers.
But in the end
(Which is truly the beginning)
It will have been
Well worth the wait.

Shop talk -- for me at least --
Is adverbs and question marks
Dashes and participles.
When to use what where
And when not to use it.
I find it fun. But
Most people would lose it!

The third time's a charm
At least that's what they say
Who makes these rules up?
What gives them a say?
What if it takes more than
Three tries to make it --
Not grinning, bearing
And willing to fake it
Not giving up and
Not willing to take it?
Numbers are really
Just words in the end.

Up for grabs
Anyone's guess
How all this will end
How it will progress.
I'm putting my dough
On what I don't know
And that's alright with me.

Very real concerns
Should never be ignored
But cultivated
Into educated guesses
And after some time
Into well-researched answers.
Dwelling in possibilities
Is ever romantic
But knowing, as they say
Is power.

Walking on eggshells
In bare feet
With open wounds
On hot concrete
With a blindfold on --
That's what it's like.

X is the answer
Y is the question
B is the cause
And C is what we'll.

You've got some nerve
Coming in here, rocking the boat
Demanding all kinds of changes
Staying as long as you feel like it.
You know what you can do?
Make yourself at home --
That's what you can do.

Zoom in for a closer look
Let's examine this further.
Yes, I believe you're right
It does appear as though
You have a heart after all.
Good thing, too, since
That Wizard was a fraud.
I guess we couldn't see it
Before because of all that tin.
Funny what you can find
When you just take the time
To look a little harder.

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