Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Don't Think That's What They Meant To Say!

I don't know about you, but I need a good laugh. Enjoy!

Children cutting? Messes? What kind of saloon is this?

I think the "bitten thing" is the finger, but I'm not sure.

The sad thing is, they might have meant to say exactly that.

I've heard of living on a strict budget, but that's ridiculous!

It could be worse, I suppose. I've heard that
yellow potatoes are the harshest ones of all.

To prevent poaching in or around this pond, 
trespassers will be boiled. Loiterers will be baked.

I think it's too late. You seem to be hurt
permanently. And it's not that pretty.

What is it? An aphrodisiac wristwatch? I don't understand!

Fierce monkeys that steal your "belonging"? How 
will you ever find your place in this world again?

A "Blood-Condensed Friendship Pavilion"? A "Blood-Sacrificing 
Small Shop"? A Communist's idea of fun is not my idea of fun!

Maybe it is (for guys, at least). But where are
they hiding the most beautiful toilet paper?

If I'm dying, what do I care if the chair is "on position" 
or the table is cleaned? Someone else will have to deal 
with my refuse. Thanks for your very large company.

"Celebrate Recession - Hang Yourself!" Well,
why not? After all, it is Strawberry Season!

The proper translation here should have been:
"No Chicken Littles allowed beyond this point."

Yes, but what does the "tiny little cute store" on
Freak Street sell? Besides Coca-Cola, I mean.

I'm very good at this. Though I'm not always careful.

Not a bad price for Fresh Crap. But wait
just one second here – those are fishes!

Aww, poor little guy! I've got an extra hoodie in my car.

This is it. The end of the line for deformed men everywhere.

So, just a little then? Well, at least they're honest...

It says the same thing in seven different languages, so everyone
can know that they're not lost. Because the sign says you aren't.

This is so sad. I can't stand to see innocent vegetables suffering.

In this "very gourmetic world," it's comforting to know that
there's a place you can go that's full of "dream" and "Roman."

NOTE: The "Keep [Blade] Out Of Children" rule does not apply
if you happen to find yourself in the Super Saloon (see above).

Girlstalking is okay, but not girlhunting. That's what
dark, secluded allies are for. (Lighten up, I'm kidding!)

Duly noted. Out of curiosity, were they actually supposed to be socks?

Some people do think with theirs...

"Yes, I would like a 2 x 4 and a dime bag, please."

Don't worry your pretty little head about 
it! I wasn't too uninconvenienced by it.

Wealthy people are dangerous and lumpy.
And are not welcome in this establishment.

Unless you can't read the above language.
Then you're sufficiently dead meat!

That's alright. He was probably just bringing a
bunch of junkmale anyway. Good riddance!

Mine isn't religion-free, but it is nondenominational.


I think I just lost my appetite.

Please wait till you hear the body drop before proceeding.

Apparently, crime pays.

There's tons more of these on the Internet.
But this is enough for one day...

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