Sunday, November 25, 2012

Interesting Quotes By Famous Guys With Big Chins

1)  "I think high self-esteem is overrated. A little low self-esteem is actually quite good. Maybe you're not the best, so you should work a little harder."  ~  Jay Leno, comedian

2)  "Actors who say they can dive inside a character are either schizophrenic or lying."  ~  Bruce Campbell, actor

3)  "I'm kind of comfortable with getting older, because it's better than the other option, which is being dead. So I'll take getting older."  ~  George Clooney, actor

4)  "If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention."  ~  Simon Cowell, television personality

5)  "There are unwanted emotions and pain that goes along with any birth."  ~  John Travolta, actor

6)  "I don't really like filling my brain with a lot of stuff."  ~  Jim Thome, baseball player

7)  "Love has more depth as you grow older."  ~  Kirk Douglas, actor

8)  "Actresses have more fear of being disliked. I, on the other hand, revel in it."  ~  Michael Douglas, actor

9)  "It's a free country, and I can keep my mouth shut whenever I want."  ~  James Van Der Beek, actor

10)  "I don't like looking back. I'm always constantly looking forward. I'm not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilt milk. I'm too busy looking for the next cow."  ~  Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef

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