Friday, November 23, 2012

Things I Find Fascinating: Unfortunately Named Actors And Actresses

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I won't shy away from making fun of people's names, especially if it means I get a good blog post out of it. Well, I don't know if today's blog post could be considered "good," but at least it's interesting. I think so, at least. Nonetheless, here you have them – 14 unfortunately named actors and actresses, complete with obligatory photos...

This lovely and talented young actress inherited a 
most unsuitable surname through no fault of her own.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet IMOGEN POOTS.

This young actor probably got his share of ribbing from the 
other kids during the filming of the two Harry Potter films
he was in, due to his silly-sounding last name. No wonder
he looks so crazed! Meet SEAN BIGGERSTAFF.

A veteran of television and films, this seasoned actress has never let her 
ridiculous-sounding first name hold her back. Meet SWOOSIE KURTZ.

Okay, so his first name is technically Elmore (which isn't
great, either). But this guy stuck with tradition and chose to 
be known by the nickname that the men in his family 
have embraced for generations. Meet RIP TORN.

So she doesn't like her first name (Carol). Or her middle name 
(Christine). Or her other middle name (Hilaria – understandably). 
But with a surname like hers, choosing to go by all three of her 
initials makes her sound less like a talented actress and more like a 
tool you'd find at your local hardware store. Meet CCH POUNDER.

His first name describes him pretty well, actually. If he happens to be
the kind of guy who tells really horrible jokes that no one finds funny,
then his last name might also fit him well. Meet HARRY GROENER.

A wonderfully talented actress and comedienne, this Fawlty Towers
veteran suffers from a hideously ugly-sounding name. It conjures up
thoughts of fish and constipation, and that's never a good thing. She did
change her last name (Illingworth) when she became an actress, but she
didn't do anything to fix her first name. Meet PRUNELLA SCALES.

He sure looks like a tough guy, but you'd never know it by his name.
If you saw this guy's name, you'd expect to see ingredients and cooking
instructions below it and not an acting resumé. Meet HERB RICE.

Her first name is a day of the week. Her last name sounds like
a specific time of day. Put it all together, and she sounds more
like an appointment than an actress. Meet TUESDAY KNIGHT.

In some cases, a person's face is just as unfortunate as their name.
Such is the case with this poor guy. No, that's not makeup. He really
looks like that. Meet the scarily-named SKELTON KNAGGS.

This edgy actress has a name to match her nontraditional looks
and skills. Meet the unusually-named FAIRUZA BALK.

This guy's given name was Charles. Middle name, John. But he
chose to go by a curious nickname which these days sounds less like
a name than a rear end. Yes, that rear end. Meet HEINIE CONKLIN.

Speaking of backsides (now how often do you 
see that phrase on this blog?), this lovely and
talented French actress was saddled with an unfortunate, 
old-school moniker that's understandably gone out 
of fashion these days. Meet FANNY ARDANT.

When I was young, I regularly watched a TV show in which this lady
was a lead actress. Thus, she was the first actor or actress I ever became
aware of who possessed a truly unfortunate name. But this actress's
name has never stopped her from getting steady work. The show she
was on was St. Elsewhere. Her name is CHRISTINA PICKLES.

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