Friday, May 17, 2013

Bands That Hipsters Like, Vol. 2

Yesterday's intro should be sufficient to cover Vol. 2 in this series as well. But just in case you missed it, here was the introductory disclaimer:

"DISCLAIMER: I am not specifically labeling any of these bands as
 'hipster bands,' per sé – a label which might positively or negatively 
stigmatize them, depending on one's perspective. I am also not saying 
that all hipsters – whether they identify themselves as such or not – 
like all of these bands. But some degree of correlation can be drawn
 between the majority (if not all) of these bands and the so-called 'hipster 
movement.' That being said, I – who in no way, shape, or form could 
even remotely be deemed a hipster (not that there's anything wrong 
with them) – enjoyed 'discovering' a lot of these bands throughout 
the course of my 'research.' Do I like bands that hipsters like? Yes, some
of them, but not all. Then again, I enjoy music in just about every
genre and style imaginable. So, my tastes can't really express anything
definitive about the positive or negative aspects of 'hipster music.' 
Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. On with the music. Enjoy?  ~  JH"

1)  Bon Iver  ~  "Calgary"

2)  Pomplamoose  ~  "Expiration Date"

3)  Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros  ~  "Child"

4)  The Black Keys  ~  "Strange Times"

5)  fun.  ~  "Carry On"

6)  White Rabbits  ~  "The Plot"

7)  Beach House  ~  "Lazuli"

8)  The Airborne Toxic Event  ~  "All I Ever Wanted"

9)  Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  ~  "Only In My Dreams"

10)  Beirut  ~  "The Rip Tide"

11)  Vampire Weekend  ~  "Giving Up The Gun"

12)  tUnE-yArDs  ~  "Bizness"

13)  St. Vincent  ~  "Cheerleader"

14)  Best Coast  ~  "When I'm With You"

15)  Yuck  ~  "The Wall"

16)  Local Natives  ~  "Breakers"

17)  Iron & Wine  ~  "Joy"

18)  Balkan Beat Box  ~  "Move It"

19)  Portugal. The Man  ~  "Lay Me Back Down"

20)  Youth Lagoon  ~  "Mute"

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