Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bands That Hipsters Like, Vol. 1

DISCLAIMER: I am not specifically labeling any of these bands as "hipster bands," per sé – a label which might positively or negatively stigmatize them, depending on one's perspective. I am also not saying that all hipsters – whether they identify themselves as such or not – like all of these bands. But some degree of correlation can be drawn between the majority (if not all) of these bands and the so-called "hipster movement." That being said, I – who in no way, shape, or form could even remotely be deemed a hipster (not that there's anything wrong with them) – enjoyed "discovering" a lot of these bands throughout the course of my "research." Do I like bands that hipsters like? Yes, some of them, but not all. Then again, I enjoy music in just about every genre and style imaginable. So, my tastes can't really express anything definitive about the positive or negative aspects of "hipster music." Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. On with the music. Enjoy?  ~  JH''

1)  Animal Collective  ~  "My Girls"

2)  Arctic Monkeys  ~  "Fluorescent Adolescent"

3)  Grizzly Bear  ~  "Yet Again"

4)  Belle & Sebastian  ~  "I Want The World To Stop"

5)  Electric President  ~  "The Violent Blue"

6)  Jens Lekman  ~  "Become Someone Else's"

7)  Neon Indian  ~  "Polish Girl"

8)  Margot & The Nuclear So And So's  ~  "I Am A Lightning Rod"

9)  Arcade Fire  ~  "The Suburbs"

10)  Daft Punk  ~  "Da Funk"

11)  LCD Soundsystem  ~  "Movement"

12)  Bright Eyes  ~  "Easy/Lucky/Free"

13)  The Postal Service  ~  "The District Sleeps Tonight"

14)  The Knife  ~  "Heartbeats"

15)  Death Cab For Cutie  ~  "A Movie Script Ending"

16)  MGMT  ~  "It's Working"

17)  TV On The Radio  ~  "Will Do"

18)  Sleigh Bells  ~  "Comeback Kid"

19)  The Decemberists  ~  "O Valencia!"

20)  M83  ~  "Wait"

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