Friday, May 31, 2013

Songs By People Named Kelly, Kelli, And One Kellie

To be honest, I just wanted a decent excuse to post the Kelly Clarkson song. It's particularly catchy (pun intended) and she just happens to an awesome singer! Incidentally, so are several of these other Kelly's, Kelli's, and one Kellie.  ~  JH

1)  Kelly Clarkson  ~  "Catch My Breath"

2)  Kelly Rowland  ~  "Forever And A Day"

3)  Kelly Price  ~  "You Should've Told Me"

4)  Kelly Blatz & Capra  ~  "Low Day"

5)  Kelly Osbourne  ~  "One Word"

6)  Kelly Key  ~  "Escuta Aqui Rapaz"

7)  Kelly Kelekidou  ~  "Glika, Glika"

8)  Kelly Chen  ~  "Zui Hao Gei Zui Hao"

9)  R. Kelly  ~  "When A Woman Loves"

10)  Tori Kelly  ~  "All In My Head"

11)  Kristen Kelly  ~  "He Loves To Make Me Cry"

12)  Bridget Kelly  ~  "Special Delivery"

13)  Kelli Scarr  ~  "Haunts Me"

14)  Kelli Schaefer  ~  "Black Dog"

15)  Kellie Pickler  ~  "Best Days Of Your Life"

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